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ikmalTips : quicktime 7.5.7 disable shutdown on new unibody macbook

Today, I encounter my first problem on my beloved Unibody MacBook. I never thought an update can ruin it all. The problem starts when I run automatic update contains the following :

Software UpdatesI Google myself on the net and find out that most QuickTime updates creates one problem to another. This updates (7.5.7) allows SD iTunes playback over DisplayPort. This updates however only available through Software Updates on new MacBook for the moment.

This is sucks and I'm mad as hell. Now, my Unibody MacBook have the following symptom :
  • Unable to shutdown since it will restart itself - I used all method available to shutdown and only shutdown using power button will works
  • Cannot enter Sleep mode on close lid and manual - both will make a sound of CD ejecting and wakes up (I didn't use any external nor bluetooth)
  • Automatic boot when lid is open after shutdown (when AC plugged in)
Updates on symptoms
  • Heated when on 'sleep' mode and rather warmer then before
  • Battery performance ridiculously decrease - even the AC adapter gets so hot because unable to charge effectively
  • Fan noise going berserk - noticeable sound from the fan (it never did before)
I suspect this is what cause the problems (at least) since this is my last changes/updates/installation. I'll try revert the QuickTime installation and update on the post soon. I'm going to cry right now.
Please note that this doesn't make a Mac sucks. I still love it. *laugh. For now.

Updates on Fixing
I eliminated the following repair tips:
I will keep updating until it's fix or send to the Geniuses. Subscribe to ikmalTips. I'm not hating the Mac right now because it's still able to handle Apps (rather than Windows). The problem just annoys me. I really feel like smacking.. *smiles

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ikmalTips : changing folder icon on stack

On Leopard OSX, you have a really cool feature that was not only meant for an eye-candy. It serve a purpose as a cool shortcut on you desktop/dock. It's the 'Stack'. Once click it will expand itself depends on the style you desire. 

However, when your dock shortcut serve as a shortcut to other folder; the icon is quite lame. There are no easy option available yet on changing this icon using OSX. But it's still changeable, though it might be tricky but certainly easy.
All you need to do is drag your icon to the folder settings (right click on folder > Get Info) as illustrated below.
How to Change Stack Icon
If your stack shortcut already attach to the dock, you need to re-attach them. Now, instead of your stack looking like this:Default Stack
It will look like this! Taa-dah.New StackYou can use this to change all other icon on the dock. Apps and sorts. However, please be careful because the default icon will be replaced so you need to find them back in order to switch back. Create a backup to be safe of course.

There are easy application call CandyBar to easily change all the dock icons and the dock appearance itself without hassle. But this would do just fine. You can download them using the link below (it's a trialware - 14 days for free). I might have a crack for it somewhere. 
Leave a comment if you want them. But if you really like them, you should pay for it. I don't. *smiles.

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ikmalTips : updates for fixing unibody 'alu' macbook trackpad

New products always have few imperfection. New MacBook is maybe one of it. Several complaints have been made to the Apple that the new glass trackpad (without button) are lack of responds. It will have problem on registering clicks on the trackpad.  This problem only on the new late 2008 aluminium MacBook/MacBook Pro 

Meaning, in 2 out of 10 clicks may not be read by your OSX. Even though I never encounter such problem, there are certain released that suffer from it. Mine was lucky enough though. I use software such as Photoshop CS4 and uses only the trackpad itself; I would notice if such problem exists.
Glass Trackpad on Alu MacBook
However, the complaints has reach to Steve as well. He responded "software fixed coming soon".
Well it did. The patch already made available to download. I read that such problem exist mostly on the Pro. Well for those who haven't suffer, thank Steve (?), for those who did, curse him and download that patch now!

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ikmalTips : change menu bar color on leopard

In Mac OSX Leopard, there are features that consider cool or somewhat annoying to few. This is the controversial Menu bar. Its located on the top of the windows and functions as a menu to every applications open.

You'll notice once you change the background to various colors, it will turn to this:
Transparent Menu
A quick fix for this is to change the top background to solid color; so it will turn to this:Solid MenuThis actually a cool features and does not bug me at all (for me at least). Because the Menu is adapting to the background color to make it more eye-friendly. However, they (Apple) should create an option to disable this because it might be annoying, consider to the background attach to the desktop.
If you really want to disable this, then you might find this App really useful.

OpaqueMenuBar - adjusts the transparency of the Menu Bar (it's donationware - free to use, donate if you want)

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ikmalThink : macbook unibody vs new macbook air

I was very excited when Apple release the new Air, wasn't very on its brother the 'Macbook'. Until I've seen it with my own eye. To my excitement, I made a comparison between both of them. Repeatedly over numerous counts. Obviously, if you rather choosing style over practicality; Air is very decent. Slim, solid design. 

And I really think, it's not worth it. I heard few rambling about small difference between thickthinness on MacBook and Air. Well, they lie. You can notice the difference in size and weight. It's quite a statement. Thought it's not major, its still noticeable. Thumbs up for the Air.
MacBook Unibody
And despite the fact of all 'missing' features on Air, they hardly dealt any confusion to my decision making. But from the spec comparison, you know it's not worth your money. I view myself as an advance user for both Mac/Pc, so, I realize the fact that MacBook is a whole lot better. 
You can view the specs here: 

And I think that Apple tries to kill Air in order to create a better Mac. That's why they didn't upgrade within the same range of specifications. It kills me that they kill the Air.
Illuminated Keyboard
But they already know how to create a thin portable. They will create a better one in the future. Rumors are wild on the release of the new 'Air' on April 2009. To all potential buyers of 'Air' late 08 Edition, please think twice before buying yourself one. 

High-spec MacBook provides the same functionality and the same 'coolness' like the Air. Despite the form factors. The price is about the same. So, the price tag was not an issue in my comparison. If you really need a thin portable right now. I still opt you the Air. However, it will no longer look cool in a long run. If you really demand an Air thin, go for it. I agree its really cool. Otherwise, go for MacBook; yes thicker but absolutely better. I know cause I already own one! Yeay!

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ikmalThink : macbook aluminium unibody (end 2008)

I've submitted a post regarding the sexy and upgraded MacBook Air previously. However, in my anticipation on Malaysian release. I stumble across a comparison made between both new Unibody MacBook and new MacBook Air.MacBook Air

Is MacBook Air no longer sexy?
Reviews on how bad MacBook Air before has not affected me even one bit. But now, even if money won't be an issue, I still stutter on making such decision.
Unless its 0.68kg lighter, 0.47mm thinner, brighter screen with ambient light sensors - keyboard and screen (love this); there are no other functional and practical use of the MBA even though lighter is a thumbs up. They should have updated the Air far superior than MacBook to be able to compete.
Please don't get me wrong, I really love the Air before but why Apple pushes us to this. I mentioned earlier that money is not an issue but buying MBA rather than MacBook is just plain stupid.

MacBook Unibody specifications (low spec/high spec)Unibody MacBook
  • Processor: 2.0GHz/2.4GHz with 3MB L2 and 1066 FSB
  • Memory: 2GB of 1066MHz DDR3 - supports up to 4GB
  • Hard Drive: 160GB/250GB running at 5400 rpm
  • Slot Loading optical drive: 8x SuperDrive (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
  • Price: a lot cheaper than Air
  • Extra: Stereo and battery status indicator on side
  • view full specifications
Above specifications is what differs from MBA, people do nagged about its missing Firewire (they nagged about everything these days). I never use it but there are people who really need it that much. Extra USB and Optical on MB really does not affect much in my comparison because I need only one and it's for a Thumb Drive if you REALLY on the go (talk about portability, hands on optical?).
Easy access on battery and HDD makes it easier to upgrade to SSD (solid state drive) in the future since the price will be a lot reasonable in 5 minutes time. I heard rumors that MBA will be "upgrade" on April '09. Till then, I'll stick with my decision on MB and get my hands on it ASAP.

Thank you.

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ikmalThink : new macbook air in malaysia (end 2008)

Macbook AirFor all Mac fans out there, you should know about the arrival of the super cool MacBook Air (MBA) - new released.

What's new on the new MacBook Air?
Upgraded Intel processors and better graphics display (new NVidia - up to 4 times faster). Also not to forget its roomier hard disk (120GB), Mini Display port replacing Mini DVI, new 1066MHz FSB, additional cache (6MB) and DDR3 performance. Even though this is arguably a great update because others have done it much better. But it's a Mac. This is good. I've been using Windows desktop since my childhood and it's time to make the change.
Just look at it.
Now it's about to release for Malaysian market - rumored on 14th October 2008.
Below are specifications that are differentiate between both. See full specification here.

Macbook Air Price for 1.61.6GHz MacBook Air (MB543LL/A)
Processor : 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Hard Drive : 120GB 4200-rpm Serial ATA
view full specifications

Macbook Air Price for 1.81.86GHz MacBook Air (MB940LL/A)
Processor : 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Hard Drive : 128GB solid-state drive
view full specifications

Both are extremely well for its design. Even though the lack of certain features in previous released has not been change due to Steve Job's vision. Because it's build for wireless. I agree with the splendid design. But a built-in 3G and expandable RAM would be great. Everything else, fine by me.

I'll post a review on it as soon as I made my purchase (as soon as it made available). Can't wait the outcome of its new glossy screen and the new 4 finger swipe. Excited on the review?
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Thank you.

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