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ikmalThink : optimizing blogger for multiple topics

It's been weeks now since I get a head start to continue writing in this particular blog. I've been tied up trying to optimizing my other sites. But it's certainly worth it. And I still receive hits on ikmalsays.blogspot.com even I'm not even on it. At least, I know it will survive under circumstances.
And my Alexa not even drop its rank.
I'm not trying to brag even one bit. It's just made me thinking. Now, I'm sure that writing a powerful, strong post is a lot better than empty post content submit regularly. I should create a post on this. *smiles.
And I heard about how Alexa was not really precise on their ranking which explains my rank. Or is it? That's something to ponder upon.
Drop a comment if you know anything about this

Also, I made some minor changes to ikmalsays.blogspot.com, since my first day of blogging (4 months back); I'm having difficulties or more like identity crisis for this site.
- I have no idea what to blog about.
Instead walking one step at a time, I rather get on a Lambo and speed my way up. This brings me to series of topics I had on this site alone.
Those are music, tips, general, sells and review. A whole lot for a noob like me. It's ridiculously hard to maintain and navigate by post. Lesser traffic and fewer subscribers - due to random topic.

After a careful consideration, I create different site for each. The hardest to maintain was this one and my movie review site. Because I need to be updated constantly, and I am barely right now.
Those two are two hard to maintain and decided not to go further on ikmalMusic, which gain lesser attraction.
But I manage to establish ikmalSells and it works brilliantly with my girlfriend support. Thanks Iris. It's called FukuShop. It's an online store for ladies by the way.

I hope I can do well enough right now. Below are link to my other sites:

  • ikmalReview | my review on movie/tv series and provide link to watch for free
  • FukuShop | my online store of clothing for Malaysian - not shipping others yet. sorry
Well, I think that's all for now. Hope for the best. *smiles.
Thank you and have a nice day.


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