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ikmalTips : 7 tips for earning money on new blog

There are several attempt of creating blog with a purpose to create huge sums of money. However, most newbie, such as myself; always see this big picture of having easy money as a goal. This is my first mistake. There is no such thing as easy money. At least you need to work on it.
If you are one of us. Then you should be familiar with Ad program such as :

Google Adsense
- Ads contains text or image or Ads are being implemented on search result. Most stable and mostly preferred by experience blogger. Will displayed relevant Ads over time.

- Has options like Google. But fewer ad format. Can be target by viewers age, keywords and countries. Check out their product, BritePic.

- high CTR rate with their Chitika eMinimalls product. Ads shown will browse to internet merchant. Including Amazon and eBay for appropriate item. Bloggers will gain percentage profit on buyer directed. Target US visitors.

This is a few list of Ad program available. I'll post a new one listing all known Ad program later. Let's get on to this! Here are the 7 tips for money on new blog.

1. Don't be too eager
There are no chance people will visit your site and purposely clicked on ads shown. So there is no point showing lots of ads in every corner of your site. (check out point no.5)

2. Double the visitors, double the profit
The first real step is gain visitors. You visitors is money, in a way. You need to attract as many people as you can. The higher your page impression, the better chance you'll get.

3. Blend Ads with your template
Always make the ads look like it came from your site. People always envy others. They would never let you easily get rich intentionally.

4. Spend time to target your Ads shown
As Google AdSense, the option to show relevant ads are automatically reach within month, others will need to customize on their own. Search for ads that relevant to your post. This will increase percentage of people clicking the ads if they are relevant.

5. Attract visitors
If you own a new blog, which having the difficulties of getting visitors. You need all possible attraction. You need to have a decent layout. Fast loading sites. A great content. Which categorize this as a good first impression. That's why you don't need too many ads on one page.

6. Positioning
Optimizing the position of ads are important. You don't need a big advertisement instead on your page header. You don't need your top sidebar full of Ads of cologne. (unless you reach a certain level which your ads will perform better above fold)

7. Visitors, visitors, visitors
That was the only point. You only need visitors to achieve your money-making purposes. Don't get too excited with all the hype you heard over time. They all real. They did earn quarter mill monthly. But they earn it. You need to work for that.

I did a few mistake too, but I've learn my lesson. Now I can gain more than few bucks each month. At least better than nothing. A good start promises a great ending.

That's all. Thank you and happy making-money.

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Mark said...

Got that right.
I see lots of them lately. Blog with tons of advertisement.

Do they really get the clicks? I bet not. :)

Ikmal Ezzani said...

If they planning on accidental click, they still need the traffic.


wildchild said...

nice tips here

Ikmal Ezzani said...

thanks wildchild.

i will post tips on how to get entrecard banner clicks later.

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