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ikmalThink : this is not another chrome review

Help! Cannot sign in to Blogger!

Several hours before I attempt to login into my blogger account (this blog) and from that point onwards (after waking up from a long nap) I still cannot login to my account since blogger sign in page does not load up at all. It's just remaining stuck at one point. I've clear all the history thought that it was problem caused by cache or sorts. But still don't load up. Please be note that I used Firefox 3. So I've change to InternetExplorer and try to sign in again. Suprisingly, it works like a charm.

At least this shows that the problem come from the browser itself. After using IE for a while I became frustrated again seeing my page misalignment and list-style problem (only occurs on IE). Out of desperation, I decided to try the new Google Chrome.

Then, it occurs. A tiny bit of love to the new Google Chrome. The page load pretty darn fast. I make this comparisson by loading my site, ikmalsays.blogspot. By using IE and Firefox loads the page by loading content first and then sidebar (as optimized, because I wanted the content to show first on page load). However, on Chrome, both section loads near exact moment but with a few per seconds lack at start. This is good. For me at least.

But since it's new, they are not much plugin that can be integrate in the browser (I use Roboform). I'm sure this will be sort in few days, at least week. But one thing that I love about Chrome, it's new feature called Incognito Window. Basically, you can used this window tab to browse and surf net with total privacy. That means no browsing history and cookie. Only to that particular window. But any bookmarks and download are properly saved. Isn't that cool?
Interested? Download here :

However, I've heard rumours saying that Chrome saved password in text format. But other than that, it's awesome!

But I cannot login to my account using Chrome as well. Does this mean I need to use IE? Forever...? No..!

*Update : Problem solved. It caused by Vundo Trojan. It prevents browser to access certain high-traffic sites. You can remove it using Spybot S&D. Where can I get that? Check my previous post here.

That's all. Thank you and happy preventing.

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