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ikmalTips : speedbit video accelerator

Often spending time on the net? Always have numerous list of download. Then you should be familiar with great software created by Speedbit. Which claim by the company to have 160 million of user using their downloading product called Download Accelerator Plus (DAP). This popular software can speed up downloading process by 400% and can also resume broken download automatically. This speeding process are achievable by :

  • having multi-connections
  • mirror search to find fastest download
Having this installed in your PC will make downloading easier than ever. If that`s a fact for you and you are feeling tempted. Then, head over to their download sites to download for free or get premium. I want to download DAP.

But, actually this post was not about DAP, it`s about another product called Speedbit Video Accelerator which created by the same company. And use the same concept as their downloading software. This video accelerating software also uses multi-link connection for speeding up video buffering or video 'hiccups' during streaming videos. This is a great factor on streaming video and movie content on the internet. Read on my post on movie streaming guide.

Speedbit Video Accelerator has been approved by more than 100 sites (updated over time). And of them was Youtube. From my experience buffering on Youtube can be describe as none. The video does not stop playing at all ! This is really a great recommendation from me. If this software are approved by all the sites, movie streaming would be pleasurable. But since, movie streaming sites tends to have conflict with copyright material, hence, could not be authorized to use this great invention.

With my positive experience, there`s only one downside at the moment which is having trouble to work with Mozilla Firefox 3. Which I accidentally installed on purpose (:P).But, I`m really sure this will be sort in a month or so.

Firefox 3. This browser is really outrun others by making browsing and streaming faster. Besides the fact that Firefox is not fully compatible with others, I really like it. It might not be more user-friendly than its predecessor Firefox 2 but it`s worth the upgrade. And also webmaster often uses their sites to be optimized on upgraded browser instead of the default, Internet Explorer. Like this ikmalsays.blogspot site as well. For know the question is this. If you spends more time on Youtube, don`t get Firefox 3. Yet. Get Speedbit Video Accelerator instead.

Go visit :

If both product can work together perfectly. Then, ikmalSays this : Get both of them. They free, extremely awesome and .. just get it !

* UPDATED : Both are working perfectly now! (7th September 2008). Get them!

That`s all. Thank you and happy buffer-free.

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Slash888 said...

it doesnt work in firefox

Ikmal Ezzani said...

u need to get it to reinstall it slash 888. both of them and get latest update. speedbit still have a few bug.

it does need some improvement since it works only at certain times. live few first streaming.

but yes it does works well on firefox 2 last time i check.

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Slash 888. only the first version of firefox 3 will work with speedbit. Current version 0.3 does NOT work with it.
downgrade if you want to use speedbit. but i might just wait for it.

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