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ikmalTips : free malware removal tools

Malware is a term used by advanced computer user instead of term uses by normal, which is computer virus. Malware or also known as malicious software. The expression is general terms used for hostile, intrusive of unwanted program running silently in the background.
As its useless for the computer user, it`s also really annoying. The term of malware includes of computer virus, computer worm, trojan horse, spyware and dishonest adware. It is also called computer contaminant in a law terms.

Besides than normal solution chosen, which is easy but tiring hard disk formatting. I will provide some really useful and yet free malware removal tools. Proper used of these following tools will avoid useless (lazy) effort of hard disk formatting.
These software are free to used (read product disclaimer), but there are better software out there but requires payment. Which I know many people hate the fact that it may not guaranteed solutions for the problems had.

Instead of spending hard-earned money for unsure problem, try this first.

Antivirus and Internet Security Tools
- protects against virus and spyware

* recommended Antivirus and Internet Security software to buy (free to try with limitation and time limit)
Malware Removal Tools
- detect known threats and remove
Firewall Tools
- prevent unauthorized access between network
Registry Cleaning Tools
- cleans registry caused by malware and boost performance
Advance Tools (*recommended)
- free to try software (trialware).
  • Security Task Manager - reads task running on background and quarantine unwanted products.
  • TrueSword - Cure most malware problem instantly. 10 fix free for trying purpose (reinstall to fix others).
  • HijackThis - analyze all possible threat and list them.
That`s all. Thank you and happy cleansing.

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