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offTopic : happy birthday iris natasya

It`s my beloved girlfriend birthday! She`s officially 20 years old today! Time passes by and I`ve not even prepared for a non-physical gift. Here`s to you my birthday girl.

happy birthday to you,
i will always love you,
happy birthday to iris,
dont ask for the present yet please.
Here`s something about her that I would like to share. I will try to avoid flattering her.
  • she`s born in 5th of August '88
  • she`s studying tourism
  • she`s blur, naive and likes to play dumb
  • she`s supportive in every way possible
Truth to be told, I could not even list 5 bad things about her. Unless that she`s fat. She`s arrogant. She always seems like hiding something. She loves giving excuses. She`s annoying and irritating. And a snake in sexy lady form.
But yes, I love her, I like her, I adore her and I hate her. She`s everything I`m not and everything I need. Thanks for everything and happy 20th birthday.

Happy Birthday Iris.
Love you and always do !


Anonymous said...

letak lah pic bunny tgk pergi die mcm mane kan...
syg korg 2 org k ngok ngek nie...

Ikmal Ezzani said...

skang da tak main bunny da la. lagi canggih. 5 bintang punye. haha.
syg korg due2 org gak.
aik? bole ke.

irisnatasya said...

letak pic bunny chadeek gak..


Anonymous said...

letak pic bunny chedeek gak tuh sayang!!
klu tak bunny yang lain2 pon agak care!!
thanks teby..
i love u..

vera said...

x bahaye ke mal u syg me sekali nie??
marah iris natasya kang!!
me sgt takut ok dgn die kang x pasal2 kena fire!!
tp rasanye kan kalau letak gambar me lg chaddekk owh...dr gambar tasya!!

Ikmal Ezzani said...

mane tak bahaye. bole kene cepuk kang ni.
main gile u ngn die.
kalo taruk gambar u buat ape.
bukan u pakai baju bunny.
baik i taruk gambar tasya.
lagi chaddek.

p/s: kalo i ckp i nak taruk gambar u.
nanti i mati.hahaha.

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