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ikmalTips : watch movie for free

Movies Planet review at ikmalsaysIf you are a movie buff like me, one thing you'll love for sure is unlimited source of movie. Watching movies till you crap yourself is one of the biggest joys you could had in life. There are ways to watch movie for free. Do you know? You can also watch movie online. Read my previous post.

Watch free movies at MoviesPlanet. Read on.
However, some movies are worth watching repeatedly. Have them store in your personal storage is a really nifty features nowadays.
This method could be achieved by downloading these movies in your disk. The question now is where to download them?

We need these criteria for a start :
  • a huge source of movie database
  • downloadable content
  • ability to stream movies
And the result, I found one which is very useful and to my experience, let just say I did crap myself. A wide source of movie and TV series from all time. Best part is; it's FREE! How cool is that.

The site is called MoviesPlanet. This site has a decent layout, a cool speed to stream up movies and huge movie database. They even have info on cast, director and stuffs.
There also have a section for new release that updated frequently from time to time. I already watch The Uninvited, which rated 6.5 at IMDB.
You can watch The Uninvited using the link below :

Plenty of movies to choose from their movie library. Wide range of movie genre at quality resolution. I even watch Hotel for Dogs online at their site.
Navigate yourself to their site will easily burns few hours of your time.
Please be warned : Site contains lots of movies!

I'm sure you will find this site useful because it does not cost a dime.
Hurry up; sign up at MoviesPlanet and watch movie online at no cost! Really awesome stuff!

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