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ikmalTips : finding a subtitle for your movie

finding a subtitleIf you like downloading movies via torrent and streaming sites, you'll know this. Most of it will lack of important bundle of subtitles. Regardless of lack of understanding, sometimes we might misinterpret certain script that will totally misleads you and reminds you of "hairy ball sack".

However, there are certain sites that able to provide you this kind of services. Not the balls, but the subtitles. There are long list for finding a subtitle for your movie sites.
These are my favorites :

How to add subtitle to a movie?
All you have to do is download desired movie subs (mostly in .srt or .subs format). Rename the file exactly with the video content and that's it.
For example : Movie1.avi needs to match with Movie1.srt.

However, be warned that not all subtitles are the same as you version, you might get a slight faster timeline version. If that happen, find another one.

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