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How to make your Entrecard click-friendly?

Most advanced blogger would be familiar with a widget-based program called Entrecard. Similar to all other programs that let you promote your site on other site with a certain amount of credit. Entrecard was one of my top traffic sources since my blog is still fresh and considered unknown to the internet community. I really strongly recommend this service to new bloggers. Entrecard will provide you a small amount but decent traffic. But that depends. On what?

Maybe you will pay a big load amount of money to advertise on high traffic sites but will you get your traffic as well?
It depends on your banner. You need advertising strategies. You need the attraction. The wow! factor.
Please be advised, I'm not a professional on any field, I just want to share my new blogging experience. This is an example of Entrecard banner.

entrecard example 1

Would you rather click on this?
- Flashy, strong keywords and straight forward

entrecard example 2

Would you rather click on this?
- Clean (maybe a bit messy), contains incomplete statement

This is a random example and I hope you're getting the picture. And please don't answer you won't click any cause it's hideous. The point is, the general keywords, most used terms such as "free, money, sex and such as", no longer attracts most of internet surfer.
But curiosity and common-sense will never abandoned human.

If you're regular Entrecard user, you will possibly be noticed the 'blue monkey', and it's really stand out amongst other user. But I do think flash banner is awesome.
However, please leave a comment on any suggestion, recommendation you had in mind.

That's all. Thank you and happy Entrecarding.

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Michael Aulia said...

Great post! At the moment I want to get my 125x125 redesigned :( Alas, no one has given me good designs so far.

As you said, I want a nice elegant design that also invites curiosity

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Thanks Michael.
Let's make a deal here. If I did manage to create an acceptable decent design you like.
can you link to my sites? That's just an if.
I'll just try anyway.

Haha :-)

vera said...

kencang kamu nie skrg!!

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