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Honestly, if you are expecting to see a bad review about this movie, then you're absolutely on the right track.
Long story short, this movie is about 5 (including 2 bum) movie stars or so called 'primadonnist clown', who often differs opinion from each other while on set. The conflict between actors cost director and producer big loads of cash while creating their latest war film. Thus, creating major headache to the movie director, who then accept a suggestion from another clown to bring the movie production to the real life movie set. With a hope that they can clear and straightened each others out.

But soon, they discovered they are playing with fire on real gunpowder, literally. What's the worse that could happen to them? Everything actually. A sip of the storyline creates attention on the premiere but not on the screen. It does have its funny moment and over reacting situation that giggles you. But not much.
The big-name actors that are casts in this movie are fine. Just look at the poster. But I don't think by combining them together will create a great combination. Stiller? Wacky. Jack? Wacky. African Downey? What? See what I mean. And I'm not even including Tom Cruise.
It's like a drummer in a rock band. One is perfect. Two is acceptable. Three is just weird. They create laughter on their great acting but not as the character they posed.

Even though this movie is lack on storyline, it do have it's big explosion, faggot fight and gruesome kids holding AK's. I don't think you will appreciate this after you paid for it. I'm not supporting piracy or any of that kind that makes movie star short a few bucks from their million dollar income.
But if you interested to watch the movie. You can watch it here :

* Remarks on star rating given (2.5) : This movie could fill up your time between twinkling moment you had when your eyes are open between sleep. Not really, they do create a good movie but just not as good as you actually pay for it. This is not 'the movie' to watch this month. Because when I watch comedy, I expect myself to laugh and cries. This don't do both.
  • storyline (0.5)
  • graphics - explosive (0.7)
  • soundtrack (0)
  • genre element (0.3)
  • originality (1)
That's all. Thank you and happy wacking.

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iris said...

Great and interesting review here. Good job.

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Thanks. Stay tuned for more review.


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