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ikmalReview : kung-fu panda

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kung fu panda review
Adorable. The proper word for this. Overweight panda who loves to practice martial arts. And dream to become a warrior. But to fat to become one. A stunning movie cast by great names like Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Jackie Chan, Lucy Liu, Dustin Hoffman and more list to come. With a great line-up comes a great acting. A comedy series directed by Mark Osbourne and John Stevenson. As funny as you would imagine and adorable as it can be, this movie was suitable for all ages of human form. I consider this comedy was actually in a form of slapstick joke. It`s more onto body movement/action jokes rather than a form of sarcasm jokes. Not my genre type to favors.

It`s target audience was really to a minor or family. Yeah, it`s cute. It`s funny but not really funny. It`s the type of jokes where if you recite the situation to anybody, no one will laugh.

The story was about a lazy panda with huge imagination who works with his father at a noodle shop intended to become a kung-fu warrior. The story began when he actually chosen as one and hilarious results begin. He learns kung-fu and become a master while able to maintaining his fat figure. Basically that was it all about. Then bad guys.. bla bla bla.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That`s why they called it present.
- quote by a wise to the panda.
The storyline was clever. Unexpected events may happen. This movie was the only movie I ever went where the crowds really getting into the movies. They applause and laugh loudly in the cinema itself. It really reaches the audience. People do say watching in a cinema was a lot better than your small 15" monitor. Go watch it.

But still considering spending your money on CG (computer graphics) film. Then read over my past post title movie streaming guide and look for streaming sites and search the movies. It`s already available at Joox.net.

More info on the movies :

* Remarks on the star rating given (4) : Computer graphics has become advance day by day. Monster Inc. was no longer CG benchmark. The graphics available on this movie was far greater. Hence, there will be a time when no longer human actors needed (fuck!). The soundtrack was awesome. But the storyline could be better. It`s just too normal. Be different for once. My review criteria :
  • storyline (1)
  • graphics (1)
  • soundtrack (1)
  • genre element (0.5)
  • originality (0.5)
That`s all. Thank you and happy laughing.

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offTopic : greetings


inally, I`ve been acknowledged by Google search engine. After long awaited, yippie! To fellows readers from around the world whom finally reached my blog, kindly browse around for features available. On ikmalsays.blogspot the concept maybe wasn`t original but the content was purely.

There are 5 different channel at this blog which can be viewed here. Do ask any question at appropriate channel and so as request. Each features will be updated frequently as to the fact my blog has been crawl by search engine spiders. Do visit once a while for new content.

That`s all. Thank you and happy browsing.

This topic has been post for greetings purposes only.

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ikmalReview : prison break - tv series

Rated :

When everybody tries to avoid getting in the prison, a young engineer, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) enters them willingly to save his brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) that set for death penalty for a framed murder. Scofield actual plan was to escape from the prison itself using a blueprint map tattooed on his own body which then has a numerous unexpected outcome. This series however doesn`t stops here.

It continues with tragedy, conspiracy and violence. As interesting as it sound its getting predictable and more over the seasons. From a creative starts of the storyline it become frustrating and boring by each episodes. The plot are no longer have unsuspected suspense and it twist in unmannered way.

The heroes are too heroic and other character seems to have change in personalities. Each character are killed easily by directors. And resurrect ridiculously on the following season (as to come on upcoming season - season 4). This lack of creativity that may have been stuck in the storyline will continue to ridicule itself past the season.

This popular tv series is interesting. And very entertaining at first. But since the title says it all, there always be a mystery to solve, a question to be answered and maze to navigate. Again to be stated, the good guys are too clever and bad guys are too dumb.

If this type of series suited you best. Then just go watch it here :

* Remarks on the star rating given (3.5) : Normally a series would get you addicted as the mystery that comes at the end of episodes. And how frustrating it would be if it continues with a ridiculous act. This series may have a good pilot plot but none at the ends. Yet, the originality of the concept breaking a prison seems no longer an interesting topic. All I have to say is, yes, it`s watchable and entertains you. But it will get frustrating.
  • storyline (0.7)
  • graphics (1)
  • soundtracks (none)
  • genre element (1)
  • originality (0.8)
That`s all. Thank you and happy viewing.

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ikmalTips : useful links for bloggers

Want to learn about blogging ? How about photo editing using photoshop or GIMP ? I will submit a few very useful link for us, bloggers. This featured websites have excellent tutorial for dummies. They are decent and well known to bloggers community. For some reason you linked into this post first rather than their sites this is the link :

Blogging sites :

  • BloggerBuster - a great sites full of every tutorial possible for blogger`s user. Every tutorial will be given easy step by step guide.
  • Hackosphere - a useful website for bloggers for its content. Tutorial for customizing bloggers layout. Sites have a nice layout and very experience blogger.
  • Woork - sites with tutorial using ajax, CSS, html and many more for advance blogger. A very decent sites using only blogger`s domain. A pro blogger.
Photo Editing sites :
  • PhotoshopLady - Easy tutorial for editing or adding effects using Adobe Photoshop. Plenty of tutorial and easy to follow write-up.
  • Tutorialized - Sites contain tutorial for Adobe, AutoCAD, Maya, Flash, any 3D Imaging software. Great source.
This are only few of list available. There are plenty more useful sites could be found on the internet. But these are mostly for bloggers. Log on to internet and start surfing for more. You should know that internet have anything on everything.

That`s all. Thank you and happy surfing.

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