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ikmalReview : prison break - tv series

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When everybody tries to avoid getting in the prison, a young engineer, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) enters them willingly to save his brother, Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) that set for death penalty for a framed murder. Scofield actual plan was to escape from the prison itself using a blueprint map tattooed on his own body which then has a numerous unexpected outcome. This series however doesn`t stops here.

It continues with tragedy, conspiracy and violence. As interesting as it sound its getting predictable and more over the seasons. From a creative starts of the storyline it become frustrating and boring by each episodes. The plot are no longer have unsuspected suspense and it twist in unmannered way.

The heroes are too heroic and other character seems to have change in personalities. Each character are killed easily by directors. And resurrect ridiculously on the following season (as to come on upcoming season - season 4). This lack of creativity that may have been stuck in the storyline will continue to ridicule itself past the season.

This popular tv series is interesting. And very entertaining at first. But since the title says it all, there always be a mystery to solve, a question to be answered and maze to navigate. Again to be stated, the good guys are too clever and bad guys are too dumb.

If this type of series suited you best. Then just go watch it here :

* Remarks on the star rating given (3.5) : Normally a series would get you addicted as the mystery that comes at the end of episodes. And how frustrating it would be if it continues with a ridiculous act. This series may have a good pilot plot but none at the ends. Yet, the originality of the concept breaking a prison seems no longer an interesting topic. All I have to say is, yes, it`s watchable and entertains you. But it will get frustrating.
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That`s all. Thank you and happy viewing.

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