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ikmalThink : is Entrecard no longer useful?

I heard numerous amounts of ramblings saying that Entrecard is giving empty traffic. People are arguing whether traffic for Entrecard really bring along a reader or merely a dropper. But then, there are still few advantages of collecting this so called 'EC point'.

For most of you don't know, Entrecard is a widget that let you drop business card to other site in exchange for a point. Visitors may also do the same to your site. Read my post on optimizing Entrecard banner.
Entrecard gets a big thumbs up for its ability to place banner on quality sites or you get to use the point to buy banner placement on other sites via EC Shop (currently under maintenance). Also:
  • sell it to other - earn extra bucks
  • create a competiting using EC point as the prize - attracts visitors
But now, they have changed the rule. Send credits to others are limited by 14 transfers a week up to maximum of 1,000EC. Whichever comes first. This is really devastating. For me at least. Because you are not able to sell it either. Then this will lower my spirit of actively dropping everyday. What else do you need that point for.

My real goals were to provide huge amount of credit for competition. But now.. *sad faces.
My site is really new and I really need extra boost as such to gain more traffic.

Should I remove my Entrecard widget? But then again..


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