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ikmalTips : make most swipe out of your safari

SafariMy post earlier mentioned about new beta Firefox are able to make use of trackpad without any 3rd-party application. By that, I mean MultiClutch. That particular post also mentioned that the same effect can also be applied on Safari browser.
So you can now use :

  • 3-finger swipe (up/down) for moving top/bottom of page
  • rotate gesture to move between tabs
You can do so by first downloading the MultiClutch application here. And then use the following command. Add a new one by using (+) function.

MultiClutch in Action

MultiClutch is donationware, free to use; donate if you like. And, it's not limit for Safari use only! It can be use on any as long as the application already have a keyboard shortcut assign to it. 
That's it. Have fun browsing.

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ikmalTips : swipe on firefox (latest version)

Firefox 3.1 beta 2For all of MacBook user (late 2008), you have been given the privilege to use the four finger swipe to display Expose or desktop. Now you can apply them to Firefox browser. Not really four though. Read on.
You can use Multicluth to add 3 finger swipe (right/left) on previous Firefox to back/forward a page. And that's all.

Now, Firefox has released it's latest release called version 3.1 Beta 2.

Not even Safari capable of doing this, yet (without using MultiClutch)
This version able to applies use of 3-finger swipe (up/down) as to move at the top/bottom of a page, while rotate gesture on the trackpad will navigate between open tab.
Even though this need some practicing, I find this very useful. I'm pretty sure Safari will add this feature later on. Go ahead and download a copy.

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ikmalTips : cool dashboard widget for mac os leopard

If you ever wonder if there are simple games to play on Mac such as Pinball or Solitaire. The answer is yes. It turns out you can play games on your dashboard widget.Paintball Paradise

click image to see my dashboard in action
You can play Paradise Paintball for free and it's in first-person-shooter. You can play them with your friend on Mac or Facebook. The program is amazingly small in size (3.3Mb !) and can be played on your dashboard. Simple enough and the best part is you can play within network. Meaning you can ask your friend to play along. Way better than Solitaire if you ask me (addicted once). *smiles

You can download them at Apple site here and check out other cool widget they have made available.

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ikmalTips : save video (flv) files on safari - tips on safari

Perhaps there are different method of doing so, but this is by far the easiest.
Every heard of movie streaming? There are several sites promotes this by hold a host for certain movie files so other users can easily watch them on their own PC/Mac. And it's free.
You can read on my previous post here on movie streaming guide (and site that host them).

Let's get on with it.
I always stream my videos using Google host, those videos are acceptably fast to load. However, I always have trouble on saving them using Safari. But all you need to do is

Press CMD (Apple icon) + Click on Video
On the menu, choose Copy Movie and Done!
I've not yes test this on a PC, please leave a comment if you did (Ctrl act as CMD). But it works on PPC. Now, I can easily save video from sites in flv format.
My favorites .flv player is VideoLanClient aka VLC.

But please make sure the movie your about to save is fully loaded. Image below is what happen when you press CMD + Click on a half-loaded video:
Half Loaded VideoIf you press CMD + Click, this menu will appear and enables you to save them (videos are saved in Downloads folder)
Fully Loaded VideoI tried this on most sites and it works like a charm, you just need to make sure it's fully loaded. Leave a comment if you know how to use this on a PC.

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ikmalTips : create a password protected folder on mac os leopard

If you ever wanted to hide your porn super important files from public viewing or unnecessary attention. You can always set a password on your files. Meaning, password will be requested every time those files need to be accessed.
This tricks applies to Leopard OSX, I don't know about other OS (Operating System). There are few password encryption software for Windows here.
Moving on.

Create a Password Protected Folder on Leopard
Step 1 - Create A New Folder

  • Create a new folder (example : on your desktop) will became an image soon (dmg)
Create A New ImageStep 2 - Encrypt Your Files
  • Choose your files, and encrypt them with 128-bit (256-bit will take longer time to access, though safer) - in my case my file was named as Locked Files. Choose the option read/write to easily added files later or choose read if your locked files already contains some files
Encrypt Files on LeopardStep 3 - Set Your Password
  • Create a password for your files, be sure to remember them

Create Your Password
Step 4 - Resize
  • Resize your files to desired amount

That's it. Your files now in DMG format. Opening it will require a certain password. Now you can have more privacy with your 'super important files'. Cool right.
If you have any question regarding the steps, please leave a comment below.

Thanks. Happy locking guys.

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ikmalTips : update on problems on unibody macbook (late 2008)

I just received my MacBook today after nearly 2 weeks of 'repairing'. The repair process was taken care by Malaysian Apple Authorized Reseller called Machines. If you have no idea what problem does it suffer before, please read my previous post.
Moving on. With 40% powered battery, I did a quick check up of sleeping problem first by closing lid (it couldn't before). It passed the test.

A grinned with a quick thank you to the Geniuses and I head straight back home - was in a rush.
On taking out the Mac from my bag, a warm (or quite hot) can be felt from the sleeve with 0% battery power! I was furious. It turns out, my MacBook was not repaired for any single problem it had. Those bastards.

Earlier today, I stumble across updates for the Unibody and tell them (Geniuses) about it and finally they said that my computer has been repaired. Hurm. I thought they was waiting for an update too, which is ridiculous. I really would not bother mentioning it, if they actually fixed it. But bastards, every single problem still occurs. A complete waste of my time.

Are they trying to end my warranty somehow? I'm quite pissed off right now and will be heading to the Geniuses tomorrow (after calibrating my battery; battery only last 2 hours - and I know it depends on usage). Will tried the updates first.

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