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ikmalTips : update on problems on unibody macbook (late 2008)

I just received my MacBook today after nearly 2 weeks of 'repairing'. The repair process was taken care by Malaysian Apple Authorized Reseller called Machines. If you have no idea what problem does it suffer before, please read my previous post.
Moving on. With 40% powered battery, I did a quick check up of sleeping problem first by closing lid (it couldn't before). It passed the test.

A grinned with a quick thank you to the Geniuses and I head straight back home - was in a rush.
On taking out the Mac from my bag, a warm (or quite hot) can be felt from the sleeve with 0% battery power! I was furious. It turns out, my MacBook was not repaired for any single problem it had. Those bastards.

Earlier today, I stumble across updates for the Unibody and tell them (Geniuses) about it and finally they said that my computer has been repaired. Hurm. I thought they was waiting for an update too, which is ridiculous. I really would not bother mentioning it, if they actually fixed it. But bastards, every single problem still occurs. A complete waste of my time.

Are they trying to end my warranty somehow? I'm quite pissed off right now and will be heading to the Geniuses tomorrow (after calibrating my battery; battery only last 2 hours - and I know it depends on usage). Will tried the updates first.


Ikmal Ezzani said...

the problem still persist!
damn you rich bloke!

I'm sad..

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