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ikmalTips : quicktime 7.5.7 disable shutdown on new unibody macbook

Today, I encounter my first problem on my beloved Unibody MacBook. I never thought an update can ruin it all. The problem starts when I run automatic update contains the following :

Software UpdatesI Google myself on the net and find out that most QuickTime updates creates one problem to another. This updates (7.5.7) allows SD iTunes playback over DisplayPort. This updates however only available through Software Updates on new MacBook for the moment.

This is sucks and I'm mad as hell. Now, my Unibody MacBook have the following symptom :
  • Unable to shutdown since it will restart itself - I used all method available to shutdown and only shutdown using power button will works
  • Cannot enter Sleep mode on close lid and manual - both will make a sound of CD ejecting and wakes up (I didn't use any external nor bluetooth)
  • Automatic boot when lid is open after shutdown (when AC plugged in)
Updates on symptoms
  • Heated when on 'sleep' mode and rather warmer then before
  • Battery performance ridiculously decrease - even the AC adapter gets so hot because unable to charge effectively
  • Fan noise going berserk - noticeable sound from the fan (it never did before)
I suspect this is what cause the problems (at least) since this is my last changes/updates/installation. I'll try revert the QuickTime installation and update on the post soon. I'm going to cry right now.
Please note that this doesn't make a Mac sucks. I still love it. *laugh. For now.

Updates on Fixing
I eliminated the following repair tips:
I will keep updating until it's fix or send to the Geniuses. Subscribe to ikmalTips. I'm not hating the Mac right now because it's still able to handle Apps (rather than Windows). The problem just annoys me. I really feel like smacking.. *smiles


raeshad said...

hola ikmal.

bloghopped ur blog like weeks ago. am a subscriber btw :D

anyway, i sometimes agree that updates only causes more troubles. i've a Mac-friend who rarely do updates, and he hasn't encountered *any* problems with his laptop, while mine has been thrice repaired - the airport card, the hard-drive, the display. [that was when i was using iBook G4 though....]

am currently using a Black MacBook [only about 10 months old]....

am sooooo jealous of the unibody macbook. me want it, but i just thought that's it's silly of me to buy another one, when mine isn't even a year old.

my plan is to wait for the snow leopard os to come out to buy another laptop. :D

Ikmal Ezzani said...

hey raeshad. good plan there.

u sure are a long time user for mac. i think the unibody really great. not for now.

without those few disappointment.
It was a really good buy. I rather spent my money on innovation than same old same old.

I heard rumors that the new one with snow leo will be release in April 4th. Can't wait. :-)

Thanks for subscribing though. Will update on mac soon.

stormy said...


but ngayon lang kita nakita?

tgal ko na naghahanap ng ganitong site:)

sana marame ako mapulot..heheh

nice blog po:)

Ikmal Ezzani said...

I'm really sorry stormy for not being able to translate your comment.
From what I believe was in Thai (unable to decipher either).

Even if I'm not being able to understand, I appreciate your support.
Thanks stormy.

stormy said...

hey.. i'm so sorry

it's a filipino language..
i'm so sorry.. you really look like a filipino..

sorry sorry:(

well i'll translate it for you:)
i'm just saying that:

your blog is really helpful
specially for newbies like me:)
and thank you for posting some tips..

more power to your blog

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Hey stormy,
It's okay though. And really? *smiles. I take that as a compliment.

Thanks for clearing it up. I really appreciate it.
No wonder I could not find the translation. *laughing.

Thanks for your comment though. I really appreciate it.
But yet, please be warned: Blogging is addicting.
I will post more blogging tips soon enough.


stormy said...

your so nice ikmal:)

thank you..

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Thanks stormy. You are really sweet. Love Philipinos!


stormy said...

really?? hhmmmm..your sweet too^.~

by the way, i added you to my link..hehehe
i hope you don't mind:)

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Thanks stormy,

I don't mind at all. I rather feel appreciated.

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