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Who am I actually ?

I don`t like to expose myself for whatever reason. So, there will be no personal info here onwards. But, yes, my name is Ikmal Ezzani. Actually who gives a shit. I`m no celebrities neither having good political background. Im just a Malaysian citizen who want to wants be a part of todays technology. By the way, sites name are NOT an attempt to gain cheap publicity.

What ikmalsays.blogspot is about ?

Basically, my blog is about reviews, tips and know-how about sorts of thing.

Wait! Who are you again?

As stated earlier, I`m a nobody; then why should what I`ve got to say matters?
I don`t belongs to any group or communities meaning my reviews don`t pick sides. It`s just a review from consumer point of view.

Any tips and projects on things are for reference purposes which created by me, based on personal experience. I will NOT copy-paste stuff from other website just to fill in my blog, instead, if the website is informative I will link to the stated websites.

Any upcoming events post are held within Malaysia and Singapore only. It just an FYI and Im not hosting any of it unless stated.

Blogging is about yourself isn`t ?

I have insufficient funding to host my own domain. And don`t like to share my personal life. So, my blog is about what I`ve got to say base on personal view thus creating ikmalsays.blogspot. There will be different label for different topic.

There will be 5 topic available :
  • ikmalThink - sites for general stuff.
  • ikmalReview - sites for review on movies.
  • ikmalSells - sites for item that are being sold by myself.
  • ikmalMusic-sites for latest event, party and music.
  • ikmalTips - sites for technical tips and trick.
That`s all. Thanks for reading and happy blogging.

Thank you.

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