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ikmalReview : south park - tv series

Rated :

Completely no sense of rationality humor. An innovative creation by co-creator Matt Stone and Trey Parker whom creates a revolution in comedy animation, a two-time Emmy Award winner called South Park. This series is basically about a four elementary students having a normal live in a fictional town of South Park, Colorado but surrounded by ridiculously stupid parents.

What seem normal to you may not be to them. This series are well known for its toilet humor, pop-culture parody and handling of currents event with sarcasm. Most of its now 12 Seasons series includes imitation of celebrities so to be made fun of. They made fun of everything laughable. Maybe I have sinned for comparing this to Spongebob Squarepants, but if you ever imagine what it would be like if Spongebob cursed on each series, then do watch this. They have originality and awesome storyline.
What seems to be the officer, problem ?
- quote from a drunk in denial during a police stop (episode 914)
Due to its advantage of being animation, it has the ability to have an abnormal story twist, unimaginable outcome for every adventure they had. Maybe its not love at first sight type. But once you adapted to the humor genre you will get addicted over time. As famous as it was in the States it was never aired to certain countries due to its extremely negative influence that may caused to minors.

As one of supporter to this type of comedy series (not issue brought), I will submit a link below to watch the full episode of each season on the internet via streaming. This sites have featured to my recent post here. Warning : video content may certainly insult anybody, any culture and absolutely any Canadian.

Go watch it here :


* Remarks on star rating given (4) : There are many type of humor around. Opinion from one may differ from the other. Since I was a fan to this series, its unfair for me to say more. But following to my review criteria.
  • storyline (1)
  • graphics (0.5)
  • soundtrack (0.5)
  • genre element (1)
  • originality (1)
That`s all. Thank you and happy watching.

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ikmalTips : remove virusmwrdy.js or virus mawar

Advance Windows User click here

An annoying features while the computing technology is advancing. The living of disturbing viruses. Which in this category. It`s a malware. Transferring itself via flash drive (USB drive/pendrive) from one computer to another.
Virus known as VirusMWRDY.js (Virus Mawar) or AhPaw.js will duplicate itself to the main drives and disabling the access to that particular drive later on. It`s covering itself under internet browser file name Spa Q - The Novel (or others). This is the guide to remove VirusMwrdy.js or virus Mawar.
To remove this disturbance simply follow the guide written below.
* Written guide below are for Windows use. I don`t think Mac will have this particular virus.
  • Step 1 : Disable System Restore (right click at My Computer > click Properties > System Restore > check at the Turn Off System Restore > click OK)
  • Step 2 : Restart computer in Safe mode (restart PC normally, press F8 repeatedly from the beginning of restarting process, a menu will appear, (see picture attached) wait a while for the list of system files to load. The windows will run normally but without few programs and the appearance will not be the same, don`t worry this will change when you restart later)
  • Step 3 : Login to YourUserName/Administrator
  • Step 4 : Uncheck all Hidden Files and protected Operating System Files (My Computer > Tools (see picture attached) > Folder Option > View > Check the "Show hidden files and folders" > Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" -click OK when prompted > Click OK to apply settings)
  • Step 5 : Click to drive that contains virus - C: , D: , E: or any removable drive attached and
    • find autorun.ini (uncheck hide extension for known file types on Step 4 to make sure) and delete the files permanently ( Shift + Delete )
    • find VirusMwrdy.js (if any) and delete the files permanently
    • find Ahpaw.js (if any) and delete the files permanently
  • Step 6 : My Computer > right click on C: drives > Properties > Disk Cleanup > More Options > System Restore > Cleanup > Yes when prompted > OK
  • Step 7 : Run Registry Editor (on keyboard press Windows key + R / click on Start > Run)
    • type regedit
    • highlight at My Computer and press Ctrl + F to start search and type virusmwrdy.js or ahpaw.js at the search box
    • delete all the key that have the given name
    • search again and repeat until there`s none left
    • search for different terms like mawar (for virusmwrdy) or ahpaw (for ahpaw.js)
    • repeat searching and delete them once detected
  • Step 8 : Double check every step and restart windows normally
  • Additional for Internet Explorer : To remove title on Internet Explorer saying (virus mawar is back, now with muse...)
    • open regedit again
    • go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explore\Main
    • find Windows Title and delete it. (see picture attached)

Short Summary for Advanced Windows User:
  • Step 1 : Disable System Restore (My Computer > Properties > System Restore)
  • Step 2 : Restart in Safe Mode
  • Step 3 : Login to Admin/User
  • Step 4 : Check Hidden Files and uncheck hide Operating System Files on Folder Option
  • Step 5 : Go to drive that contains virus
    • delete autorun.ini
    • delete VirusMwrdy.js
    • delete AhPaw.js
  • Step 6 : My Computer > Properties > Disk Cleanup > More Options > System Restore > Cleanup > OK
  • Step 7 : Run regedit find on My Computer
    • virusmwrdy.js (or different term mawar) and delete
    • ahpaw.js (or different term ahpaw) and delete
    • repeat search and delete all string with the name stated
  • Step 8 : Double check from Step 1 to Step 7
  • Additional for Internet Explorer : (how to remove virus mawar is back now with muse on Internet Explorer)
    • find string Windows Title at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explore\Main using regedit and delete
After following the steps, the virus will be gone but will able to enter the computer again once at flash drive plug into computer (via autorun.inf). You just need to repeat the step above if you are encountering the same problem and just make sure your Antivirus is update and try to not plug anonymous flash drive in your computer. Better yet. Get a Mac !

Thank you and happy cleaning.

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ikmalMusic : listen to trance

If all you want to hear is electronic buzzing trance mixing melody from day to night to the day after that and that. Then tune in to this! A 24 hours radio of fast streaming trance and progressive tunes website. Click any of the option available and tune in. Best of all, it`s FREE.
For more on AfterHours.FM click here.

Tune in for AfterHours music. Please be note that a very small size (228bytes) playlist file will be downloaded to temporary folder for playing. *ignore if possible.

* Choose highest for better quality but slower streaming.

Thank you and happy trancing.

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ikmalMusic - global gathering 2008

Event Location: Malaysia

It`s the all new Recharge Revelation Global Gathering again! A sequel to the great event held at Admiral Marina, Port Dickson @ 9-10th May 2008 featuring DJ Tiesto which hosted for 32,076 revellers. Also hosting more event held in past at A`Famosa Melaka.
Now it`s back. On Nov 2008! Where is it this time? The same place where it get real messy with mud on 2007 @ A`Famosa! Better check your weather forecast properly this time.

Available info on 25th June 2008 :
  • Date : Saturday, 8 Nov 2008
  • Location : A`Famosa Resort, Melaka, Malaysia
  • Time : 4 PM - 6 AM
  • Ticket Pricing : ( pre-sale ) : N/A ( door sale ) : N/A
  • Featured DJ / Artist : N/A
More info on Global Gathering 2008.

Like some free tickets for Global Gathering ? Join this survey!
* Any change of location, time, price or etc. will be stated on the updated version of topic.

Happy raving, but do keep it clean guys. Say NO! to drugs.

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ikmalTips : movie streaming guide

You have plenty of time wasting in front of a your computer, lots of chips n' snack and got no money to watch movie. The answer. Free movie streaming! I will provide several links for movie streams, tools for movie streaming and review for each. Let`s start.

Please be note that streaming speed on related website will be measured by my internet connection.
Here`s my internet specification : Im using Malaysian internet provider Streamyx.Im subscribing for 1Mbps connection through wireless ADSL router. Check your speed here.

* 1Mbps stands for 1 Mega
bit not for 1 Megabyte. The difference is, bits are for transfer rate (speed) and bytes are for file size.

Streaming tools.

Not actually necessary but will provide better stream and miscellaneous video stream function.

  • Speedbit Video Accelerator - Uses unique algorithm for multi-link connection on streaming videos. Basically, it speed up streaming process and reduce buffering for streaming (depends on source).
  • Firefox - Award-winning for fastest internet browser available. Plus its more secure. Also other customizable plug-in available for download.
  • DivX Web Player - Web player for certain videos that uses DivX function. High quality videos.
  • VeohTv Player - Player needed for download video content on Veoh server. (Veoh no longer available on certain countries). There are ways to bypass this but not sure for how long.
  • Adobe Flash Player - Required for playing flash based video content.
  • Java - Not necessarily for video stream but more onto interactive interface available on the video itself.
Streaming sites.
Sites listed here are not hosting the content but only provide links to source. Please read related sites disclaimer. These sites are well known for FREE internet video streaming. Using my internet specification, ratings will be given to the streaming sites for this criteria :
  • speed - slow, moderate, fast.
  • page layout - messy, moderate, clean.
  • video content update - rarely, occasionally, frequently.
  • video quality - bad, nice, excellent.
  • hosting source - bad, good, great.
Here are the links needed.
  • OVGuide - Websites that provide most useful links for video streaming sites. Best link provided :
    • TV Shack - Slow streaming, clean layout, frequently updated, nice quality, bad hosting source (mostly from Tudou). *Recommended for tv series.
    • South Park Studios - Fast streaming, clean layout, occasionally updated, nice quality, not bad hosting source (advertisement during streaming). *Great recommendation for South Park Fans.
    • DivXMovies4U - Fast streaming, messy layout, rarely updated, excellent quality (DivX), great hosting source (Google). *Great recommendation for DivX quality videos.
    • Divvin - Slow streaming, moderate layout (clean but not attractive), frequently updated, excellent quality (DivX), bad hosting source. *Recommended for new video content.
    • Movieshares.co.uk - Moderate streaming, clean layout, frequently updated, nice quality, good hosting source. *Recommended for downloading. -1 for needed to register as free member.
    • LegalMovies - Fast streaming, messy layout (page too heavy), frequently updated, nice quality, great hosting source (Veoh). *Recommended for streaming.
  • 66Stage - Sites with link for video hosted by major sites like Google, Veoh, Tudou, Youku and Megavideo.
  • Joox - Sites with plenty of quality video hosting mostly are DivX videos. Half of the movie collection are super fast DivX streaming.
These link are not the only link available on the internet, there`s plenty. Try searching for your favorite sites and stay tuned.

That`s all. Thank you and happy streaming.

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ikmalMusic : main

Describe topic.

You like banging your head on the wall, singing your hearts out. Smiles when there`s an uplifting melody. Cries when hearing sad tunes. Dance like you`re on drugs. And so does billion`s of population in the world.

Something in common. So what does this have to do with anything?

For party-peeps, event-goners, music-mania and clubbers sinners, I will post top event that are being hosted around Malaysia or Singapore (will be stated) for your information purpose. Details of the event will be post on the same topic and so on and so forth. There`s also a countdown on the main page for quick reference to available top events or party.


I will also post top ten music charts for this category which will be updated twice monthly :

  • English Most Download
  • Malaysian Most Download
Extra features!

Link for download or music streaming will be given due to popularity and upon request.

Please read disclaimer contract below to clarify about link for music hosting status. Happy tuning.

Thank you.

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ikmalSells : main

Describe post topic.

As the name suggest, this is the topic where I will sell some miscellaneous item through few internet merchant. This topic is actually a second link from the main link upload from few trusted merchant.

Name them.

Link stated would be from Ebay for global. For local, I will be using Malaysian internet merchant, Lelong.com and Mudah.com. Or both. This is an example. Added merchant will be added prior to notice.

Why you need the second link ?

To enable more targeted users to browse item. And also for confirmation to my existence. Any question to any item sell can be ask by the potential buyer by posting comment or through contact information that will be given upon request here.

Do you ship sell item ?

Item bought by local (Malaysian) that needed to be ship , will be send via Pos Malaysia or Citylink. Changes also may occur prior to notice. Local buyers can purchase via COD (cash on delivery) method.

Shipping cost ?

Shipping cost will be based on item itself. Single purchase made for more than $100 USD will be shipped FOC (free of charge). Currency for transaction will be based on the advertisement on merchant involve.

That`s all. Thanks for reading and happy bidding.

Thank you.

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ikmalThink : main

Describe post topic.

This topic is where you can share your thought on anything. You can suggest a post and I will post the thread.

What kind of thought ?

Actually, it's general. You can guess it will be on anything.

How can I suggest a topic ?

Let's say if you are reading my previous post and I was writing about my experience on stumble upon. And you were saying about using Digg services. Then, I will post a topic based on Digg. Easy?

Yup. But if no one ever leave a comment on anything?

Then, I'll be randomly choose a topic and do remember that everything I wrote are based on my or someone else experience. I'm not making up stories. Nice.

Got the picture? Then, leave up some comments and I will gladly write a post on it.

That's all. Thank you and happy commenting.

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ikmalTips : main

Describe topic.

Mainly, this can be viewed as all sorts of help. I will post help covering all internet, personal computer (PC) - hardware and software tips and trick.
Or a miscellaneous help for all uncategorized subject.

Can I request for help ?

Help can be request by posting comment at any technical tips and trick post. Request of help will be entertain within 24 hours from the posted comment.

Readers can request solution for subject prescribed above and I will try to solve it or I will post a website link that will solve the problem.

All advice solution will be tied to the disclaimer contract written below.

Thank you.

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ikmalReview : main

Describe the movie and tv series that you will review ?

There`s no limit to the genre of movies that I will write reviews on. Any movie would do. The review would be post if I`ve seen the movie personally.

How do I know your reviews are good ?

Different movie, different people, different taste. I will NOT write review due to my personal taste. The review will be based on storyline, twist, effects, ending and likewise. Its a review from somebody who hasn`t received Bachelor in I Know Which Movie Sucks from Hollywood University. This is really true, some might like which others don`t.


Ok, read my review once by looking at the star rating below the review and try watching it yourself. If what I say is true, we have the same opinion. So you just need to stay tuned for more reviews. Its not gonna harm you one bit, I did all the suffering watching the movie that I told you not to, ryte?

Star rating ?

The rating will be judge from this 5 criteria:

- storyline/base/ending/twist
- graphics
- movie soundtrack
- genre element (example : comedy movies - is it really funny?)
- originality

Here are how will my ratings would be :

: only one of the criteria matched

: only two of the criteria matched

: only three of the criteria matched

: only for of the criteria matched

: all the criteria matched perfectly

How should I know which is which ?

When the star ratings are given, additional info will be added right after the rating.

So it just movie and tv series then?

Well maybe one in a while, I`m going to review stuff that not actually video-based review, I will put sorts of review in this category. Whether it`s a gadget, software or any miscellaneous item.

* Please be note that review posted will have the full movie review from personal view (myself) and NOT by professional. There also will be NO video-bloopers whatsoever on the posted video review (changes are made prior to notice).

Thank you.

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what the bloggers have to say

ikmal ezzani(pictures of bloggers and girlfriend)

Who am I actually ?

I don`t like to expose myself for whatever reason. So, there will be no personal info here onwards. But, yes, my name is Ikmal Ezzani. Actually who gives a shit. I`m no celebrities neither having good political background. Im just a Malaysian citizen who want to wants be a part of todays technology. By the way, sites name are NOT an attempt to gain cheap publicity.

What ikmalsays.blogspot is about ?

Basically, my blog is about reviews, tips and know-how about sorts of thing.

Wait! Who are you again?

As stated earlier, I`m a nobody; then why should what I`ve got to say matters?
I don`t belongs to any group or communities meaning my reviews don`t pick sides. It`s just a review from consumer point of view.

Any tips and projects on things are for reference purposes which created by me, based on personal experience. I will NOT copy-paste stuff from other website just to fill in my blog, instead, if the website is informative I will link to the stated websites.

Any upcoming events post are held within Malaysia and Singapore only. It just an FYI and Im not hosting any of it unless stated.

Blogging is about yourself isn`t ?

I have insufficient funding to host my own domain. And don`t like to share my personal life. So, my blog is about what I`ve got to say base on personal view thus creating ikmalsays.blogspot. There will be different label for different topic.

There will be 5 topic available :
  • ikmalThink - sites for general stuff.
  • ikmalReview - sites for review on movies.
  • ikmalSells - sites for item that are being sold by myself.
  • ikmalMusic-sites for latest event, party and music.
  • ikmalTips - sites for technical tips and trick.
That`s all. Thanks for reading and happy blogging.

Thank you.

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