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Describe post topic.

As the name suggest, this is the topic where I will sell some miscellaneous item through few internet merchant. This topic is actually a second link from the main link upload from few trusted merchant.

Name them.

Link stated would be from Ebay for global. For local, I will be using Malaysian internet merchant, Lelong.com and Mudah.com. Or both. This is an example. Added merchant will be added prior to notice.

Why you need the second link ?

To enable more targeted users to browse item. And also for confirmation to my existence. Any question to any item sell can be ask by the potential buyer by posting comment or through contact information that will be given upon request here.

Do you ship sell item ?

Item bought by local (Malaysian) that needed to be ship , will be send via Pos Malaysia or Citylink. Changes also may occur prior to notice. Local buyers can purchase via COD (cash on delivery) method.

Shipping cost ?

Shipping cost will be based on item itself. Single purchase made for more than $100 USD will be shipped FOC (free of charge). Currency for transaction will be based on the advertisement on merchant involve.

That`s all. Thanks for reading and happy bidding.

Thank you.


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