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You like banging your head on the wall, singing your hearts out. Smiles when there`s an uplifting melody. Cries when hearing sad tunes. Dance like you`re on drugs. And so does billion`s of population in the world.

Something in common. So what does this have to do with anything?

For party-peeps, event-goners, music-mania and clubbers sinners, I will post top event that are being hosted around Malaysia or Singapore (will be stated) for your information purpose. Details of the event will be post on the same topic and so on and so forth. There`s also a countdown on the main page for quick reference to available top events or party.


I will also post top ten music charts for this category which will be updated twice monthly :

  • English Most Download
  • Malaysian Most Download
Extra features!

Link for download or music streaming will be given due to popularity and upon request.

Please read disclaimer contract below to clarify about link for music hosting status. Happy tuning.

Thank you.


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