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ikmalThink : make money with blogspot

The population of internet society increase every day. People are obsessing over create a massive amount of money on the net. Is it possible? How hard could it be?
Aimed for a million dollar profit income annually is simply a wrong decision to make. Regardless, on any amount of money your make within the period will discourage you for posting in the future. As if, earning 3 bucks monthly aren't hard enough for a new blog. I've seen a lot of this lately.

People are getting crazy over the rave review giving the idea of creating 'the big bucks' and after a month or so, they stop.
Please get this straight; there is no such thing as easy money. You need to earn it. Those people who earned a lot on their sites doesn't post like we normally did. They experienced enough to know which post will make a solid strong structure. They experienced trial-and-error themselves.

Looking up to them as a role model is good. Pretending to be one of them from the very beginning is a no-no. Regular update on empty, pointless content does not make you a million dollar blogger. It's what matters that count. You need to create readable posts that people a looking for. You post still be search-able in the future. Submit your site to search engine. Attract your visitors. Every visitor is a percentage chance of you reaching your goals.

And it takes time, years to be exact. Great Wall of China doesn't build overnight. It takes time to develop something profitable. Post something great and post a lot of them.
I started blogging about 4 months ago - first time I know what blogging is. So it's exactly previous 2 months from this moment when I knew a thing or two about blogging. And I'll be cashing out AdSense in a month. This is good enough for a start.
A great start promises a great ending
- Ikmal Ezzani. *wink
I don't think blogging would be my career, but earning a decent side-income would be great, right?
Blog for fun, money is just a bonus. *Good luck to all of us


Imran said...

I totally agree with you. i notice that its been a long time since your last post. keep on blogging Ikmal.

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Thanks for noticing Imran. Yeah. I've been busy with my other sites. Read the post here.


But I'm going to focus on this one right now. Yeay!

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