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Every bloggers want their work to be shared. Bloggers, like me, always want our work to be appreciated. Therefore, we need to get as many visitors as we can to browse through the post. But you as a newbie, we cannot figure out how.
Actually, two of the most important thing to do is :

I’m going to discuss the first step in this post. This website submission is what you need to do for your blog to be recognized by search engine. In order to achieve this you need to submit your sites to them, so they can crawl your site content and make it search-able. There is tons of this type of service provider. But usually they expect you to pay more that 20 bucks for their service (which is worth it in a way).

This is the list of website that provides the same service but charge you for nothing. Everyone loves free stuff. Yeay!

Free Website Submission Service Provider
- submit your site to more than 20+ search engine without needing to install their widget first.

- sites listed below need you to install their widget and then use their free service. *you can install and delete later on.
Do not get trick by the variety of provider though, most of them send your site to the same search engine (only few added). But it's worth the effort. If you are planning for more, you can always apply for premium (paid version).

But there are other ways to promote your sites or blog by participating in major sites such as eBay, Youtube or Yahoo Answer. Participate and promote yourself in a civilized way. Don't spam because all links are no-follow so don't bother.

That`s all. Thank you and happy submitting.

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