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ikmalThink : bloglog from yahoo or google?

I realized something today. There is new added widget for blogger. It's called 'Followers'. (How to? - Dashboard > Page Element > Add A Gadget). This is a Google version of Bloglog that are currently provided by Yahoo!.

This is a screenshot of Bloglog :

bloglog screenshot from readwriteweb

Maybe the requirement of loading the widget itself on the the blogger platform site makes the widget unacceptable by few users. But then again, it's not too large. There are pros and cons here.
Bloglog has more variety in receiving readers whilst the 'Followers' are restricted to blogger from blogspot only (correct me if i'm mistaken). But the requirements of loading external widget are higher on Bloglog. But not to forget, big thumbs up for recent readers on Bloglog. So, which is better? I will try test-run Followers over the weekend.

If you are interested in my blog. Follow me using Followers on the sidebar. In order to maximixe the Followers, I will promote the same campaign as U Comment | I Follow but with U Follow | I Follow U Back term. :-)

That's all. Thank you and happy following.

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wildchild said...

hahahah yeah man... i think its not under any of organisations u mentioned above. but it's good for us to follow frm where our visitor coming from. i love ur blog man

Ikmal Ezzani said...

hey there wildchild. i think yahoo just bought bloglog services. that's why google created another one.

i think so. cause you can see Yahoo! service banner at their site.

wildchild. invite me to ur blog can't you? i'm curious. haha.

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