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Dr Gregory House(Hugh Laurie) a.k.a Dr. I Stuck A Needle Up My Ass, is the stars on this hit medical series, House M.D. This series revolve around the life of middle-aged doctor who's in fact a genius. This series has aired for four season and already scheduled to broadcast the fifth on September 16, this year.
Each series starts from a random situation somewhere and ends up having someone panicking over a person coughing blood or such as. Then, Dr. House assemble his team of 3 (change on season 4) and tried to diagnose the patient's problem from start to ends and have few unexpected outcome in between.

What makes this series a hit; is not the medical diagnosis nor the panic situation but the way Dr. House treats or cure his patient. Dr. House is a genius and a guru in medical diagnosis but he has issue for being polite to people around him. Add to that, he's having problem with his leg and makes him more irritating to all.

All the disease that is featured in this series are rare but realistic. Most of them even though rare but have the possibilities to appear in our daily life. All series broadcast will feature different patient and disease. But starting on season 4, it's more focused on Dr. House medical staff (due to the changes of cast). But stills have the same concept of treating people.

I don't get bored watching these because it doesn't get boring over time. They brilliantly shift focus on House, his staff, patient and situation. And the storyline doesn't really link or connected to other (some of them are) that makes it watchable even on mid-season.

You can start watch full episode here :


or get yourself House M.D DVD if you don't want to miss a single episodes.

* Remarks on star rating given (4) : If you are a fan of medical series, you love blood and syringe, you gonna love this. And if you think you hate hospital condition where it tense all the way, you're wrong, you will love this. This is no EmergencyRoom (a hit in early 90s).
Following my review criteria :
  • storyline (0.8)
  • graphics (0.8) - realistic video content
  • soundtrack(0.7)
  • genre element (0.7)
  • originality (1)
That's all. Thank you and happy blood splitting.

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