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ikmalTips : movie streaming guide

You have plenty of time wasting in front of a your computer, lots of chips n' snack and got no money to watch movie. The answer. Free movie streaming! I will provide several links for movie streams, tools for movie streaming and review for each. Let`s start.

Please be note that streaming speed on related website will be measured by my internet connection.
Here`s my internet specification : Im using Malaysian internet provider Streamyx.Im subscribing for 1Mbps connection through wireless ADSL router. Check your speed here.

* 1Mbps stands for 1 Mega
bit not for 1 Megabyte. The difference is, bits are for transfer rate (speed) and bytes are for file size.

Streaming tools.

Not actually necessary but will provide better stream and miscellaneous video stream function.

  • Speedbit Video Accelerator - Uses unique algorithm for multi-link connection on streaming videos. Basically, it speed up streaming process and reduce buffering for streaming (depends on source).
  • Firefox - Award-winning for fastest internet browser available. Plus its more secure. Also other customizable plug-in available for download.
  • DivX Web Player - Web player for certain videos that uses DivX function. High quality videos.
  • VeohTv Player - Player needed for download video content on Veoh server. (Veoh no longer available on certain countries). There are ways to bypass this but not sure for how long.
  • Adobe Flash Player - Required for playing flash based video content.
  • Java - Not necessarily for video stream but more onto interactive interface available on the video itself.
Streaming sites.
Sites listed here are not hosting the content but only provide links to source. Please read related sites disclaimer. These sites are well known for FREE internet video streaming. Using my internet specification, ratings will be given to the streaming sites for this criteria :
  • speed - slow, moderate, fast.
  • page layout - messy, moderate, clean.
  • video content update - rarely, occasionally, frequently.
  • video quality - bad, nice, excellent.
  • hosting source - bad, good, great.
Here are the links needed.
  • OVGuide - Websites that provide most useful links for video streaming sites. Best link provided :
    • TV Shack - Slow streaming, clean layout, frequently updated, nice quality, bad hosting source (mostly from Tudou). *Recommended for tv series.
    • South Park Studios - Fast streaming, clean layout, occasionally updated, nice quality, not bad hosting source (advertisement during streaming). *Great recommendation for South Park Fans.
    • DivXMovies4U - Fast streaming, messy layout, rarely updated, excellent quality (DivX), great hosting source (Google). *Great recommendation for DivX quality videos.
    • Divvin - Slow streaming, moderate layout (clean but not attractive), frequently updated, excellent quality (DivX), bad hosting source. *Recommended for new video content.
    • Movieshares.co.uk - Moderate streaming, clean layout, frequently updated, nice quality, good hosting source. *Recommended for downloading. -1 for needed to register as free member.
    • LegalMovies - Fast streaming, messy layout (page too heavy), frequently updated, nice quality, great hosting source (Veoh). *Recommended for streaming.
  • 66Stage - Sites with link for video hosted by major sites like Google, Veoh, Tudou, Youku and Megavideo.
  • Joox - Sites with plenty of quality video hosting mostly are DivX videos. Half of the movie collection are super fast DivX streaming.
These link are not the only link available on the internet, there`s plenty. Try searching for your favorite sites and stay tuned.

That`s all. Thank you and happy streaming.

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