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ikmalTips : cannot access high traffic sites

On a featured post earlier. I already post a decent amount of paragraph complaining my browser cannot access my Blogspot account. I'm so frustrated but able to solve the problem. The problem caused by Trojan Vundo - correct me if I'm mistaken.

Problem accessing/signing in to Blogspot and high traffic sites.
What it does was basically corrupting browser, mostly on Firefox when accessing high traffic sites like GoogleMail, Yahoo, Redtube and also effect our beloved Blogspot. After a quick search I encounter a few post describing the problem caused by bad cache (pronounced as kash~) or internet cookies. All you have to do is:
  • For Firefox - Press Ctrl + Shift + Del
  • For IE - On top of the browser. Choose Tools > Internet Options > General tab, look for browsing history and click Delete
If the above procedures failed (like on mine) download Spybot S&D here. Run the program. After a quick restart, the problem will be fixed (as on mine).
But after a while, I checked on my settings and find out Redtube was disabled to normally stream because Spybot was blocking the sites. Thus, effecting my porn streaming. *wink. But it does fixed to access blogspot which what matters to me.
There a dozen of porn sites, but only one blogger account. Enough said. Damn to the trojan! *pesky bastards.

P/S: using Malwarebytes also help. Download here.

That's all. Thank you and happy fixing.


Mukasurat Jo said...

dear ikmal, i'm having a prob.which a virus doesn't allow me to use or install mozilla.done removing the virus using symantec but still there.pls advice on how to remove it.thx

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Hey there Jo,

From my understanding, you were not able to install an application from Mozilla (Firefox, Thunderbird) and you suspect the problem came from a virus.

Exactly was kind of message did you get when you try to install them? Have you tried downloading them again (maybe the package is corrupted somehow).

I'm trying to view this from your point. *smiles.

Mostly, there are several types of malware (virus, trojan, etc) scanning them with an antivirus might not covers all of them.

I suggest you check on this. Read my previous post here.

If you wouldnt mind, please provide updates. So we might sort this out.

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