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Completely no sense of rationality humor. An innovative creation by co-creator Matt Stone and Trey Parker whom creates a revolution in comedy animation, a two-time Emmy Award winner called South Park. This series is basically about a four elementary students having a normal live in a fictional town of South Park, Colorado but surrounded by ridiculously stupid parents.

What seem normal to you may not be to them. This series are well known for its toilet humor, pop-culture parody and handling of currents event with sarcasm. Most of its now 12 Seasons series includes imitation of celebrities so to be made fun of. They made fun of everything laughable. Maybe I have sinned for comparing this to Spongebob Squarepants, but if you ever imagine what it would be like if Spongebob cursed on each series, then do watch this. They have originality and awesome storyline.
What seems to be the officer, problem ?
- quote from a drunk in denial during a police stop (episode 914)
Due to its advantage of being animation, it has the ability to have an abnormal story twist, unimaginable outcome for every adventure they had. Maybe its not love at first sight type. But once you adapted to the humor genre you will get addicted over time. As famous as it was in the States it was never aired to certain countries due to its extremely negative influence that may caused to minors.

As one of supporter to this type of comedy series (not issue brought), I will submit a link below to watch the full episode of each season on the internet via streaming. This sites have featured to my recent post here. Warning : video content may certainly insult anybody, any culture and absolutely any Canadian.

Go watch it here :


* Remarks on star rating given (4) : There are many type of humor around. Opinion from one may differ from the other. Since I was a fan to this series, its unfair for me to say more. But following to my review criteria.
  • storyline (1)
  • graphics (0.5)
  • soundtrack (0.5)
  • genre element (1)
  • originality (1)
That`s all. Thank you and happy watching.

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