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Describe the movie and tv series that you will review ?

There`s no limit to the genre of movies that I will write reviews on. Any movie would do. The review would be post if I`ve seen the movie personally.

How do I know your reviews are good ?

Different movie, different people, different taste. I will NOT write review due to my personal taste. The review will be based on storyline, twist, effects, ending and likewise. Its a review from somebody who hasn`t received Bachelor in I Know Which Movie Sucks from Hollywood University. This is really true, some might like which others don`t.


Ok, read my review once by looking at the star rating below the review and try watching it yourself. If what I say is true, we have the same opinion. So you just need to stay tuned for more reviews. Its not gonna harm you one bit, I did all the suffering watching the movie that I told you not to, ryte?

Star rating ?

The rating will be judge from this 5 criteria:

- storyline/base/ending/twist
- graphics
- movie soundtrack
- genre element (example : comedy movies - is it really funny?)
- originality

Here are how will my ratings would be :

: only one of the criteria matched

: only two of the criteria matched

: only three of the criteria matched

: only for of the criteria matched

: all the criteria matched perfectly

How should I know which is which ?

When the star ratings are given, additional info will be added right after the rating.

So it just movie and tv series then?

Well maybe one in a while, I`m going to review stuff that not actually video-based review, I will put sorts of review in this category. Whether it`s a gadget, software or any miscellaneous item.

* Please be note that review posted will have the full movie review from personal view (myself) and NOT by professional. There also will be NO video-bloopers whatsoever on the posted video review (changes are made prior to notice).

Thank you.


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