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ikmalTips : save video (flv) files on safari - tips on safari

Perhaps there are different method of doing so, but this is by far the easiest.
Every heard of movie streaming? There are several sites promotes this by hold a host for certain movie files so other users can easily watch them on their own PC/Mac. And it's free.
You can read on my previous post here on movie streaming guide (and site that host them).

Let's get on with it.
I always stream my videos using Google host, those videos are acceptably fast to load. However, I always have trouble on saving them using Safari. But all you need to do is

Press CMD (Apple icon) + Click on Video
On the menu, choose Copy Movie and Done!
I've not yes test this on a PC, please leave a comment if you did (Ctrl act as CMD). But it works on PPC. Now, I can easily save video from sites in flv format.
My favorites .flv player is VideoLanClient aka VLC.

But please make sure the movie your about to save is fully loaded. Image below is what happen when you press CMD + Click on a half-loaded video:
Half Loaded VideoIf you press CMD + Click, this menu will appear and enables you to save them (videos are saved in Downloads folder)
Fully Loaded VideoI tried this on most sites and it works like a charm, you just need to make sure it's fully loaded. Leave a comment if you know how to use this on a PC.


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