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ikmalTips : swipe on firefox (latest version)

Firefox 3.1 beta 2For all of MacBook user (late 2008), you have been given the privilege to use the four finger swipe to display Expose or desktop. Now you can apply them to Firefox browser. Not really four though. Read on.
You can use Multicluth to add 3 finger swipe (right/left) on previous Firefox to back/forward a page. And that's all.

Now, Firefox has released it's latest release called version 3.1 Beta 2.

Not even Safari capable of doing this, yet (without using MultiClutch)
This version able to applies use of 3-finger swipe (up/down) as to move at the top/bottom of a page, while rotate gesture on the trackpad will navigate between open tab.
Even though this need some practicing, I find this very useful. I'm pretty sure Safari will add this feature later on. Go ahead and download a copy.


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