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ikmalSells : crazy wednesday at lelong.com

As stated on ikmalSells, I was a liaison for Lelong.com which is like an eBay for Malaysian. From time to time I will promote item that I sell on that particular internet merchant to be posted here on, ikmalsays.blogspot.
But since the item that needed to be stock and sell are still under process and administrative issue. New post for this section are halted till further notice. Until then, I will advertise interesting promotion with a burst temptation to your wallet.

Internet marketing affiliates have come to offer great deals on great item for its user. Promotion such as this not actually cheated you. But more likely to be like "you are not having a loss but they do create a benefit". On this topic of post, I will announce to you that one of the favorite's internet merchant besides Mudah.com.my, which is Lelong.com created a very tempted advertising scheme.

They called it Superbid. Promotion starts on every Wednesday from 12PM - 1PM only. On that individual hour, all the items that need bidding will start from RM 1 (only $0.29 USD). Item listed will be preview 5 days before the countdown. And user can start bidding for Superbid on that time. Told you, this was really tempting. Go on check out the Superbid promotion. But be sure to sign in as Lelong.com member first.

If you want something to bid, you can check out iWant page which allow you to shout to webmaster, what did you want on the upcoming bidding process. Only the first 100 user will be granted their wishes.

That`s all. Thank you and happy bidding.

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