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ikmalMusic : today`s dancing scenery

I love to dance. Do you ? Guess everyone dance their ass off once in a while just to prove their happy and excited. It`s when music runs through your blood veins and simply transform to a weird movement of excitement. That`s why people dance on parties and wedding and not on funeral.
Now, they do make dancing as a career and such as. This makes people compete each other and makes it more fun. But they no longer respect and realize the fact that people dance to "express and not to impress". Whether it`s pop, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, trance, techno, electro, salsa. You name it. But well, if you got the skills, go brag about it.

Enough talking and let`s see some move.I embedded few videos from Youtube that shows types of dancing that can be seen today (most of it) on various music event. These are not to be applied as ballroom dancing. Those are for rich folks.

  • Tecktonic, Shuffle, Tekstyle and C - Walk

  • Breakdance

  • Liquid and Popping

There`s are countless skills of dancing which can be seen most on music event nowadays. If you never been into one. Go ahead. Treasure your life and join the music culture society. And develop your skills and brag proudly to others. So that smirk can stay permanent on your face (damn, I hate these people).

That`s all. Thank you and happy dancing.

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