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step brothers review
This is a story about 2 adult male whom suffering from super fags disease which makes them becomes childish and wussies. The story starts when their both single parents get married and started living in the same house. Ends up as their adult-children, Brennan (Will Ferrell) and Dale (John C. Reilly) don`t want to share their parents happy ending.

Soon, their started attacking each other privacy and wieners but soon realize they have a lot in common. Not the same old step brother-sisters material. Because the characters played, are by an adult. A 40 year-old adult male and still begs his mom for building bunk beds. And have hilarious outcome. If you ever familiar with Will Ferrell`s work. Then I`m assure you, you going to love this.

The rude and surprising humor are really a weapon to this movie. Which brings up all the act together. "A picture a worth more than a thousand word" idiom doesn`t apply to this movie poster. The content is really funny than it seems.

Don`t ever lose your dinosaurs
- quote from their fathers
This gives meaning that everyone should have a child in them once in a while. See the movie and know how meaningful it was. I`m not going to discuss further more and spoiled everything, so you should go and see for yourself.

If you are to cheap to go see a quality movie (if you enjoy Will Ferrell though). You can always watch it with your PC via movie streaming. Read my post on movie streaming for how to.

Go watch it here :


* Remarks on star rating given (4) : I`ve seen a lot of movies which uses step brother-sister material which makes it commonly used, but an adult as a dumb-ass step brother . It`s rare. The comedian act by both strong actor and actress really brings the theme to life. It`s one of the movie when you smile at the end of it. But the jokes will never work twice, so try see it on cinema near you.
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That`s all. Thank you and happy cursing.

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