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dont mess with zohan review

I'm a big fan of Adam Sandler's act. Which you might think this review might not well judge. But who cares. He can act and he`s a comedian. But on 'You Don`t Mess With Zohan', not so much. He could done better. This time he acts as an Israeli elite soldier who`s no longer interested in bashing people`s head over time. He just want to be normal. Just like other hairstylist. He quit shooting and killing endlessly for cutting 'silky smooth hair' career. Well the storyline is quite original.

It just poses as how nonsense the end would be. Not like Scary Movie type but more digestive way. People easily get bored on constant ridiculous jokes. They used Israeli-Palestinian conflict as source of laugh. They do promote a point. Enough the endless war already. This movie is funny but far from a masterpiece.

While the title 'You Don`t Mess with Zohan' might not interest you. The content also might not pleasure you much. If you have ten bucks to either spend it on lunch, a pack of ciggs or this movie. I would say this movie would be the last resort. It`s not that this movie does not have a great content but it is lack of the 'wow' factor which means "it`s just another Sandler`s movie".

But you should see this film over time. After all, you will experience laughter or a giggle at least with this fine line-up of actors. This movie cast by John Torturro, Schneider and gorgeous Emmanuelle Chriquil. This includes Mariah Carey (huh?). And Sandler`s are one of the writers.

If you might taking my recommendation as a consideration, you might as well look around for this movie streaming. Watch my post on movie streaming. Or, visit this site.

* Remarks on star rating given (3.5) : They have various of experienced actors (not including Mariah), which make the story plot strong. And it might tickle you even how serious you might be. If you like sexual humor, you should watch this. What did I think ? I like it. But I do need to think twice before paying.
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That`s all. Thanks and happy giggling.

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