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ikmalThink : i post and get paid

Few days back, I've posted a good and decent way to earn money by participating in so-called forum called MyLot. I've tested the program and here's how the calculations are made (I've read about it). You get a cent on every :

  • discussion you respond
  • respond on your discussion
  • click on your attached photo
It's not much but it will be if you participate hard enough. You can check out my post on MyLot. Anyway this is another program I've tested. You'll get paid on every paid review accepted by your advertiser. Best of all. Its looks just like your other blog post except you are being paid for it. How cool is that?

Sponsored Review
- You earn a lot more than your Ads on newborn blog. It's easy to sign up and approved. You only have to meet with their low requirement and that's it. Interested? You can take a peek at their sites, here :

Although it's maybe not as easy as it sounds and not financially be able to lose your day job. It is a great start for newborn. You can create a chain of funds to improve your site/business for further development. As they say, a great start promises a great ending.
What do you think ?

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Imran said...

How much can i expect for single offer?

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Well. It depends on your PageRank also. Certain offers can be bid with high amount of money for single post. PR3 is enough for demanding. I've seen more than $40 USD.

However, right now I've bid on 10-20 bucks offer. With a profit of 65%. The rest goes to the liaison or middleman.

Do try it though. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

testing comment box

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