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offTopic : creating another blog

It's been quite few days and to be exact this is the third day since I create a new post. During this short period, I've been creating a new blogger account for my 'item for sells' section. Which has already been up and crawled (submit few weeks back).

Generally, I sell cloths that are suitable for female in between early and mid ages. The link to this particular site will be promoted in ikmalsays.blogspot, once it's fully operational. There are pros and cons creating multiple controlled sites, which as you all know, the hassle.
But it's worth creating few great sites supporting each other and this does increase rank. Instead of exhange link with other sites, it's easier to exchange with one of your own.

Well, I just starting to manage two of them and already feel the pressure. Other webmaster able to manage dozens of them without breaking a sweat. I guess experience will make it easier.

Until then, thanks for visiting and have a nice day.


fumo_bear said...

Hey I agree with that, there are many webmasters out there who manage dozens of sites with ease. If they can do it then certainly you can also do it. My best wishes in your blogs.

Ikmal Ezzani said...

Thanks fumo_bear. really appreciate it. my other blog is really getting it hits and customer. I'll promote on this site later on.

Best luck for u too.

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