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ikmalTips : change menu bar color on leopard

In Mac OSX Leopard, there are features that consider cool or somewhat annoying to few. This is the controversial Menu bar. Its located on the top of the windows and functions as a menu to every applications open.

You'll notice once you change the background to various colors, it will turn to this:
Transparent Menu
A quick fix for this is to change the top background to solid color; so it will turn to this:Solid MenuThis actually a cool features and does not bug me at all (for me at least). Because the Menu is adapting to the background color to make it more eye-friendly. However, they (Apple) should create an option to disable this because it might be annoying, consider to the background attach to the desktop.
If you really want to disable this, then you might find this App really useful.

OpaqueMenuBar - adjusts the transparency of the Menu Bar (it's donationware - free to use, donate if you want)


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