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ikmalThink : macbook unibody vs new macbook air

I was very excited when Apple release the new Air, wasn't very on its brother the 'Macbook'. Until I've seen it with my own eye. To my excitement, I made a comparison between both of them. Repeatedly over numerous counts. Obviously, if you rather choosing style over practicality; Air is very decent. Slim, solid design. 

And I really think, it's not worth it. I heard few rambling about small difference between thickthinness on MacBook and Air. Well, they lie. You can notice the difference in size and weight. It's quite a statement. Thought it's not major, its still noticeable. Thumbs up for the Air.
MacBook Unibody
And despite the fact of all 'missing' features on Air, they hardly dealt any confusion to my decision making. But from the spec comparison, you know it's not worth your money. I view myself as an advance user for both Mac/Pc, so, I realize the fact that MacBook is a whole lot better. 
You can view the specs here: 

And I think that Apple tries to kill Air in order to create a better Mac. That's why they didn't upgrade within the same range of specifications. It kills me that they kill the Air.
Illuminated Keyboard
But they already know how to create a thin portable. They will create a better one in the future. Rumors are wild on the release of the new 'Air' on April 2009. To all potential buyers of 'Air' late 08 Edition, please think twice before buying yourself one. 

High-spec MacBook provides the same functionality and the same 'coolness' like the Air. Despite the form factors. The price is about the same. So, the price tag was not an issue in my comparison. If you really need a thin portable right now. I still opt you the Air. However, it will no longer look cool in a long run. If you really demand an Air thin, go for it. I agree its really cool. Otherwise, go for MacBook; yes thicker but absolutely better. I know cause I already own one! Yeay!


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