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ikmalTips : updates for fixing unibody 'alu' macbook trackpad

New products always have few imperfection. New MacBook is maybe one of it. Several complaints have been made to the Apple that the new glass trackpad (without button) are lack of responds. It will have problem on registering clicks on the trackpad.  This problem only on the new late 2008 aluminium MacBook/MacBook Pro 

Meaning, in 2 out of 10 clicks may not be read by your OSX. Even though I never encounter such problem, there are certain released that suffer from it. Mine was lucky enough though. I use software such as Photoshop CS4 and uses only the trackpad itself; I would notice if such problem exists.
Glass Trackpad on Alu MacBook
However, the complaints has reach to Steve as well. He responded "software fixed coming soon".
Well it did. The patch already made available to download. I read that such problem exist mostly on the Pro. Well for those who haven't suffer, thank Steve (?), for those who did, curse him and download that patch now!


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