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ikmalThink : new macbook air in malaysia (end 2008)

Macbook AirFor all Mac fans out there, you should know about the arrival of the super cool MacBook Air (MBA) - new released.

What's new on the new MacBook Air?
Upgraded Intel processors and better graphics display (new NVidia - up to 4 times faster). Also not to forget its roomier hard disk (120GB), Mini Display port replacing Mini DVI, new 1066MHz FSB, additional cache (6MB) and DDR3 performance. Even though this is arguably a great update because others have done it much better. But it's a Mac. This is good. I've been using Windows desktop since my childhood and it's time to make the change.
Just look at it.
Now it's about to release for Malaysian market - rumored on 14th October 2008.
Below are specifications that are differentiate between both. See full specification here.

Macbook Air Price for 1.61.6GHz MacBook Air (MB543LL/A)
Processor : 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Hard Drive : 120GB 4200-rpm Serial ATA
view full specifications

Macbook Air Price for 1.81.86GHz MacBook Air (MB940LL/A)
Processor : 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Hard Drive : 128GB solid-state drive
view full specifications

Both are extremely well for its design. Even though the lack of certain features in previous released has not been change due to Steve Job's vision. Because it's build for wireless. I agree with the splendid design. But a built-in 3G and expandable RAM would be great. Everything else, fine by me.

I'll post a review on it as soon as I made my purchase (as soon as it made available). Can't wait the outcome of its new glossy screen and the new 4 finger swipe. Excited on the review?
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Thank you.


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