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ikmalThink : hp mini gets a make-up artist

Model holding HP Mini Vivienne TamWarning - highly fashionable stuff.
Let's start of this one with a celebrity intro - a designer to be precise. Vivienne Tam, a well renowned designer from Asian part of the world has collaborated with Hewlett-Packard (HP ) and transform a powerful mini warrior into a bragging right for chicks.

Bright red, sexy and curvy; an absolute beauty, the portable.
I was talking about this :Hp Mini Vivienne Tam
HP Mini 1000 by Vivienne Tam (Special Edition)
If I were a girl, I will say this is an absolute beauty; but I'm not and I still don't think otherwise. This is the world's first Designer Mini PC - HP. Light, powerful and pink.
With an appearance like this, no wonder people will love to be accessorize with a lappy.
Let's begin the geek talk.
  • Processor : Powered by Atom 1.6Ghz
  • RAM : 1GB of DDR2 memory
  • Hard Disk : 60GB of file space
  • And more integrated into this 'Mini' - yeah, this small
But most of all, I really love the full-sized keyboard (92% to be exact). I own one of the 'Mini' series, the 2133 edition. I can say that I really loved it. It's really light, small and most importantly functional.

Check them out :

www.HPbyVivienneTam.com - I made this up *haha

I really hate it when they create something really small but can't find anyone small enough to operate them properly, you know? Even if you are trying to compare them technically, it really wouldn't bother.
It's an ultra-portable which aims to do tasks on the run and not meant to multitask.
They do not aim for power-hungry user but more to a friendly road warrior. If it can handle internet browsing with some audio entertainment simultaneously, it's the real portable.

Go encode movie or PhotoShop-ed 4000 image-res elsewhere. *smiles


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