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ikmalThink : apple shuffle get slimmer?

Ipod Shuffle Controller
You've guess it! Apple has release a new iPod (again?). The new ipod shuffle. Lot smaller compared to a normal house key form factor (and cooler, yes).

No more Apple wheel, but it talks!

The new cool features on the iPod Shuffle. It's no longer have controller on the iPod itself. Instead, it uses the 'earbud' to control.

the New iPod Shuffle
If you see this as dumb development to the iPod family, you are wrong! It's the upgrade for iPod shuffle. There are no cool controllers on the original. Just forward/backward and voices. This is not the upgrade for the whole iPod.
I'm pretty much sure 'Shuffle' lovers will love this. But I do agree the earbud dependencies to navigate is purely marketing strategy. *hmm

Back to the new iPod Shuffle features :
  • Playlist can be announce via middle button
  • Tap on the middle button to skip or whatnot
  • Normal voice -/+
  • Smaller
  • Larger in size : 4GB (up to 1000songs - Apple)
  • Peek at the video at Apple.com - Apple will cause PC/Mac bloodbath based on the video. *smiles
This will be surely a faithful companion to oneself. Light enough for a jog, walk or workout. Honestly, who needs larger capacity? Car audio system is cheaper nowadays and laptops are getting lighter by the minute. Who needs more audio entertainment.

Unless you are wearing your iPod all the way inside a mall so you need your 60,000 songs capacity. Then don't.


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