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ikmalReview : heroes - tv series

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This is awesome! Not very original though. But awesome. I know you do sometimes pretend have superpower when you are alone. Like turning on your computer just by looking at it. Or sometimes, when you pretend you are invisible and lying naked on the beach (no ? it's intentional ? wow). Anyway, this movie make all your imagination became true.

A group of 'special' people realizing they are not like others and began looking for answers (why ?! go rob a bank or something). This series are entering the peak of broadcasting their latest season, Season 3. Their 1st Season runs 23 episodes. For 2nd Season they only broadcast 11 episodes due to the 100-day strikes on mid February this year. Their 3rd Season will be starting next month on 22nd September 2008.

A quick view on "Heroes" storyline. It first start when the brother of soon-to-be president, Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) realize he's somehow special and became true. After a while he realizes that everyone around him is too. Soon, the quest started to find the answer; and saving humanity from a disaster known to be happening. The journey begins to gather other 'special' people with superhuman abilities and help each other. Each season has a different objective.

What I think is, this movie even though has a great twist in between; it's just another ordinary superhero series. After seeing both seasons available, the 1st one is better. If you planning on watching. Start from the top. Because the 2nd one does not explain much and you just can't feel the excitement from there. But, if you started from the beginning, I'm sure you will be stuck on the next few days in front of your screen. That's why I hate TV series. It's addictive.

Anyway, if you are missing one or both season, you can try finding it on the following link

Or you might interest in getting their full season DVD. I want to buy the DVD.

* Remarks on star rating given (3.5) : Even though you can really expect what you are getting when watching this type of movie, that not the main attraction in this. If you are aiming to see flying guy, super strong lady, you'll be getting that. But it's the graphics features that make this series out stand. You can see the power orb that looks realistic in this series. Ikmalsays this : watch this rather than swimming in a pool full of fat blokes. Following my review criteria.
  • storyline (1)
  • graphics (1)
  • soundtrack (0.5)
  • genre element - science fiction, action (1)
  • originality (0)
That's all. Thank you and happy dreaming.

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