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ikmalMusic : embed music on blogger

If you really browse this page, you will notice that there's a feature in ikmalMusic that shows latest charts. This charts are updated twice a month (any changes are prior to notice). Music charts stated are for the following :

  • English Most Download Mp3
  • Malaysian Most Download Mp3
This post is updated twice a month on 1st and the 3rd week. However, this service is no longer updated because of music hosting site. Before this, the charts are based on text and video will played on Youtube. However, after finding the non-practicality of this feature. I decided to embed the music on this site. There is a way to embed audio on blogger platform. But the player need a plug-in to play which everyone might not have and will not try to install them (OR maybe I'll be using this, depends).

I already tried using XSPF (spiff) player and not to accomplish anything because blogger could not store files on its directory. If you know how to do this, please email me. I will be very pleased (and link to you).
There are few other sites that promote the same service and I have tried them all. And I find one that is quite practical. So starting on next week this feature will be fully functional.

This is the list of free music hosting that I mentioned before. They provide widget to embed on your site.
  • ProjectPlaylist.com - fast, nice player interface, easy to add music, good music collection
  • Hypster.com - fastest, player interface with advertisement, good music collection
  • StreamPad.com - sites under maintenance, average
  • FineTune.com - slow loading website, average
  • Imeem.com - cannot play full song only, good for promotional purpose
Results are varying from others. The list are actually rank from prefer to less preferable. Keep on visiting for more content. Please leave a comment on comment box below to recommend better music player service.

That's all. Thank you and happy searching.

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